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Edmund discusses the hidden costs of running a nursery and gives his tips on how to keep them down.

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Edmund Brown tells the story of how and why JustMust Perennials came about.

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A seasonal look at winter nursery activity

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Welcome to our blog which we aim to make interesting, useful and hopefully entertaining. We will be letting you know what we are up to and giving seasonal advice.

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What People Say

We are always delighted with the range and quality of plugs from JustMust – indeed, it is a high point in the autumn when the new catalogue comes in, full of enticing pictures and good realistic descriptions.  In addition, the staff are hugely helpful and knowledgeable about how to get the best from the different varieties.

Logie Steading Plants

We have been buying plugs from JMP  for a number of years now.The wide selection of good quality plugs of unusual and new varieties they offer is excellent and helps us to attract an increasing number of discerning plant orientated customers who are prepared to pay for something different  to our nursery and website.Being able to buy small numbers of lots of varieties is very useful as we can try a few and see how we get on without too much risk, many of them finish quickly and we soon have a saleable plant. We always look forward to the monthly availability list to see if anything new has appeared and we are usually tempted.

Jayne and the team are very friendly and give us great service year after year.

Bill, Cottage Nurseries

JustMust Perennials was established in 1995 by Bob Brown and continues to bring new and rare perennials to the market. Bob and his son Ed are frequently touring the UK and worldwide to find new and interesting plants to include in our range. Their dedication is demonstrated by the new plants that we introduce each year....

What people say

The staff are hugely helpful and knowledgeable about how to get the best from the different varieties.

We have been buying plugs from JMP for a number of years now. The wide selection of good quality plugs of unusual and new varieties they offer is excellent.


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